Quake now in public testing

Fancy playing a round of our mini-game Quake? Now you can! Check out the article to find out how.

Quake now in public testing

We are proud to announce the public testing phase of the Quake mini-game. Our Team has worked very tirelessly to optimize performance, add more weapons and to create a whole new map.

New Map

If you have played CS:GO you will probably recognize this one! Recreated in Minecraft, by 0SkillAllLuck, we are happy to bring you Dust 2 as a playable Quake map. Unlike CS:GO, you can visit the roof of the buildings thanks to the Jump Boost! But fear not, camping doesn't get you very far in this game (anymore).

Impression of the Dust 2 Map - Created by 0SkillAllLuck

New Weapons

While we kept the traditional Railgun, we have added two additional weapons to your inventory.

The Rocket Launcher
This is the first weapon to not only deal direct-impact damage but also explosion damage to anyone close during impact. That's right: You can now die slowly. This weapon has a cooldown of 2 seconds and deals explosion damage to players in a 5 block range. If you are hit directly by the rocket, you will die immediately. Rockets fly slower than the railgun projectile and they can only directly kill one person.

KA-BOOM. Blow up your enemies with a rocket launcher!

The Knife
This weapon does not fire a projectile (Sorry). Instead you can slice up that annoying camper that just never moves (Works best if you strike behind their back). You do need two hits to kill a player, else you could do a hit-and-run on nearby players. Apart from that, this item is supposed to be a bit harder to use.

Player go stabby-stab. Show the campers who is boss with the knife!


This section is a bit more technical. If you don't care about that, skip to the next section :)

The entire GameAPI and Game have been rewritten to eliminate duplicate code and reduce the amount of event handling. We have also removed all the NMS (Net-Minecraft-Server) code and instead rely on the integrated, version-independent API's.

Another big change is that all weapons are now handled asynchronously from the main thread. This 100% prevents the possibility of a weapon lagging out the server. Weapons cannot affect each other either. This was necessary to create the rocket launcher with it's slower projectile speed.

How to test the game

The game mode is publicly available on mc.infinytum.co. You will need at least one other player to play the game. You can share this address with whoever you like. You will also need Minecraft Java Edition 1.17.1 to play. The public testing server might restart from time to time to install the latest updates as we continue development on the game.

Fair warning though: The game might or might not have anything to do with the original Quake.

If you find any bugs or have other questions about the game, you can message team@infinytum.co